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Eco-Surfboards: Allows Green Surfing Experience

Surfing is fun and will let you gets close to nature as you enjoy the ripples of the waters playing with your surfboard. As you, enjoy the beauty of nature, why not save it to prolong your enjoyment by using eco-friendly surfboards from Ocean Green. Ocean Green has various surfboards that are handmade and sustainably …

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HR-2 Electric Bike By Elmoto

Another eco-friendly vehicle is now shown at the 2009 EICMA motorbike shoe in Milan called the HR-2 Electric Bike designed by Elmoto. The bike is lightweight at only 45 kilograms and consists of a 2kW electronic brushless, gearless drive that is attached to the rear wheel. The bike is powered by a battery technology and …

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The Pangolin Backpack From Cyclus

Inspired by the animal known as he Pangoline, the Pangolin backpack has the design that resembles the razor sharp scales on the back part of the spiny pangolin. The backpack is made from recycled tire inner tubes from trucks and is handmade in columbia. Instead of a standard zipper enclosure, the Pangolin Backpack is designed …

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K2 Eco Inline Skate For Men

Inline skates are just like bicycles, a zero emission form of transportation that every human being can use to keep the environment free from carbon emission. However, the K2 Eco men’s inline skate does more. Aside from the zero emission, it also has a chassis made from the renowned sustainable material, bamboo. In addition, its …

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