Cardboard Lamp Packaging by Audrey Blouin

Packaging service users are now becoming responsible by using the new creation of Audrey Blouin, using a simple and small sheet of corrugated cardboard. You may think it not going to work, but you are wrong. This simple packaging is very effective for protection of the compact fluorescent bulb, which is currently packed with plastic and a cardboard. The proposed packaging by Audrey may be an eco friendly one; however, thinking of a store’s haggard condition, this packaging might easily wear out. On the other hand, it has a concept that will surely make our environment safe, so let us support on this proposal of Audrey Blouin.

lamp cardboard packaging

lamp cardboard packaging

lamp cardboard packaging


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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Lamp Packaging by Audrey Blouin”

  1. One of my pet hates is pointless plastic so it's so refreshing to see these designs. Love the packaging and would 100% buy this if available in the UK.

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