CAP By Amos Woo And Sharon Ng

Paper is a biodegradable material that is why using this in many things is such a green act. However, it would be greener and more favorable to the environment if the known green paper will be recycled like what designers Amos Woo and Sharon Ng did. Using a recycled paper, the duo was able to make a body and skeleton of a camera and their masterpiece is dubbed as CAP. The duo’s use of recycled paper is in accordance with their aim to remind everyone about the need to pay attention to our mother Earth’s resources. The green feature of CAP, a pinhole camera does not end with the use of a recycled paper. A recycled plastic bottle can also be used as its tripod for the long exposure of photos.

CAP Pinhole Camera

Source: Amos Woo and Sharon Ng via Vidafine


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