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BioLite Home Stove: Cooks Your Foods While Reducing Carbon Emission

Despite of the modern lifestyle that we are in right now and the highly modernize device that are widely available, many of our brothers and sisters from other parts of the globe are still in the less updated lifestyle like cooking indoors in with open wood fires. We all know that this cooking process produces toxic smoke and obviously is harmful to the environment and the people surrounding it.

BioLite Home Stove

BioLite Home Stove

To address this environmental problem, the BioLite Home Stove is designed and now became one of the finalists at the 2011 INDEX-AWARDS. Designed by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond, the BioLiteHome Stove has the ability to reduce carbon emission in a drastic rate of 95 percent. Not just that, while the stove reduces emission, it also generates off-grid electricity that can charge cell phones and LED light, which is a huge savings on the part of the users. Today, cooking on open wood fires can already be safe with the BioLite Home Stove.

BioLite Home Stove

BioLite Home Stove

Source: INDEX


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