Bio-Digester Kitchen Island Is One Of The Products Included In The Microbial Home System

Microbial Home System is a design project created for Philips with the aim to create an innovative home ecosystem and the Bio-digester Kitchen Island is one of the product concepts.

Bio-digester Kitchen Island
Bio-digester Kitchen Island

The Bio-digester is a design that has the ability to make use of a home’s bathroom carbon waste solid and vegetable trimmings and converts it into methane gas for home use. Included in the bi-digester kitchen island are a chopping surface that has a vegetable waste grinder, gas range, glass tank for the energy reserves to be very visible, and glass elements that show the pressure, volume and readiness of the compost sludge. Materials used to create the bio-digester kitchen island are copper, cast iron, glass, and bamboo.
Bio-digester Kitchen Island
Bio-digester Kitchen Island

Source: Philips


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  • This system is rediculous, I'm a Bio-Digestion Engineer and there is no way this system could produce even a fraction of what is required on a daily basis. You might be able to power one of those lights for 15mins a day MAX.. Its a interesting idea, but totally unfeasible

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