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BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Can

The BigBelly is a trash receptacle that is totally solar powered. The BigBelly can take up as much space as the normal trash receptacle but can accommodate up to five times more than the normal receptacle. This feature will lessen the pick-up interval of the waste collection truck and will eventually help lessen green house gas emission. However, too much amount of wastes may cause some foul odors and will eventually cause some air pollution. But if something can be done to avoid the spread of foul odor, then the BigBelly is top notch. Perfect for school campuses and public places.

bigbelly solar powered tash can

bigbelly solar powered tash can

The BigBelly is an excellent design solution because it helps improve the environment in many ways. Garbage trucks burn over 1 billion gallons of diesel a year, wreaking havoc on the environment. Using solar power, the Big Belly compacts trash to a quarter of its original size so collection trips can be reduced by 75%. The amount of energy used to drive a garbage truck for one mile can run a BigBelly for eight years. Trash overflow and litter are also reduced with the Big Belly, which improves the visual appearance of the cityscape and reduces the presence of pests (rats, pigeons, etc).

Reducing the manufacturing costs allows the client to have a more viable business and produce enough products for the demand. The Big Belly is being used in some of the biggest cities in the world, including New York, Boston and Chicago. The new design is more attractive than its predecessor and the color palate is a neutral addition to cities. In addition, custom colored recycled plastic can be ordered to match certain themes, such as a university colors.

bigbelly solar powered tash can

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8 thoughts on “BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Can”

  1. Awesome innovation in garbage cans…This will also reduce how much space garbage takes up in the landfill! Great stuff! Every little bit helps save the planet!

    Kimberly 🙂

  2. you will not have to worry about odors. when you compact trash the organic material is sufficate from oxygen and does not decompose, therefore no smell, or at least a diminished amount. great idea.

  3. I am very active as a volunteer in the Community of La Jolla, California. Is it possible to see a picture of the interior of the big belly to visually see where the trash receptacle is kept. I also need to know the size. Either e-mail me or send pictures with measurements to me at: Sunrise of La Jolla, Care Facility, 810 Turquoise St., 104 B San Diego, CA 92109. 619-742-1373 is my cell phone. I have a different mailing address, but since I had a medical mishap in October 2008, I am still getting care, even if only temporary.
    Thank You so much for your response.

    Esther Viti, Cell 619-742-1373

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