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Bentley Technology Precinct – Perth’s Future Five Star Green Rater Subdivision

Hames Sharley has designed the Bentley Tehchnology Precinct, which is called as “Silicon Valley with a Soul”. It is set to be the largest redevelopment project in Perth, Southern Australia. Located within 1.5 kilometers from two regional shopping center and adjacent to Curlin University of Technology, this technology park has a total site area of approximately 314 hectares with a town center of 12 hectares. The project focuses on sustainability issues such as minimization of car usage, increased biodiversity, wastewater recycling, and the use of recycled building materials, for they are required to generate at least 40% of their energy needs but still able to achieve a minimum of 5 star Green star rating and 4.5 star ABGR standards.

bentley technology precinct

Designer : Hames Sharley via WorldArchitectureNews


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