Beautiful Creations Made From Recycled Bottle Caps

Normally, we discard the bottle caps of our beers, beverages, water and other bottled drinks. This act generally adds up the growing landfill and eventually destroys the environment. We can prevent this thing to happen if we will recycle those bottle caps instead of putting it to trash. Israeli artist Yoav Kotik has done the right thing through his creation made from recycled bottle caps. His wonderful designs includes a beautiful necklace, earrings, bracelet and more. If all of us or if not all but mostly of us will do the same thing, the continuous growth of landfills will be prevented if not eliminated.

Recycled Bottle Caps

Recycled Bottle Caps

Recycled Bottle Caps

Recycled Bottle Caps

Recycled Bottle Caps

Source: Kotik via Great Green Goods

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    1. hi..i am unsure of how this all works but i would like the artist to contact me..we have a very unusual and eclectic art boutique and would be thrilled to have you join us..please contact me at 858-442-8666..thanks, cindy

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