Bambo Storage Furniture from Pfeifer Studio

Storage can be the most important thing to have in a house. Here is where we put our unused items like the pillows, blankets or some small items that we really intend not to use and just preserve it. However, some houses do not have enough space for storage area. The bamboo table will be the answer on this type of houses. It has a featured removable top cover to let you place your to be stored items inside the bamboo table and cover it with again with its cover and use as a table. Such a nice idea right there from Pfeifer Studio.

bamboo storage

bamboo storage

bamboo storage

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  1. This works just like an ottoman which serves its main objective as a seat while concealing any possible knick-knacks lying around the area. When guests come over for a surprise visit, you do not need to worry about the place being messy and when you need the items inside, they are just within reach.

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