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ALight Kitchen, Sustainable Kitchen Concept for Future Life

Have you ever imagined, that somewhere in the future, we might have problems such as: global shortage of clean water, food, material resources and habitable areas. We will consume water just for drink, eat food just for our physiological needs, live in limited volumes just for sheltering ? Ok, that’s a horrible imagination, but it could happen if we keep on taking advantage of our earth without thinking to make contribution back to our earth.

Using above scenario, Mustafa Emre Olur has designed ALight Kitchen which is a system composed of integrated product designs to provide an entirely-sustainable kitchen concept for the limited conditions of future life.

ALight kitchen will work by keeping food and beverages packs inside the cooling unit. It enables storing no more than the amount of 3 days food, so the energy will be saved with a compact solution. Smart oven is located to the system to warm up the food in packs with a user friendly way. It arranges the ideal time and temperature for the packs by reading the exclusive bar-codes on them.

alight kitchen concept

alight kitchen sustainable kitchen concept

Washing process of the plates & cutlery is done inside the cavity of main body. It works with the same principle as a washing machine, however consumes the same water again and again. To do that, a biological solution of waste water filter is consumed to clean up dirty water to be used in the next washing process. On the table, there are two lids for detergent and capsules of filtering solution. There is also a lid under the table for changing water after several usages.

It brings an innovative kitchen concept against the mass of today’s kitchens, eliminating:

  • Waste of time while preparing food at kitchen.
  • Waste of water while preparing food and washing dishes at kitchens.
  • Waste of food while individual food preparation at kitchens.
  • Waste of energy consumed for refrigerators dishwashers and kitchen appliances.
  • Waste of several non- recyclable food packaging materials.
  • Need of big spaces for kitchen furniture and equipment.

alight kitchen for uban life concept

alight compact=

Designer : Mustafa Emre Olur


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