TREK Eco Go Pack: A Product That Minimizes Landfills

The growing numbers of used bike inner tubes drastically adds up to our landfills. To have them minimized, various product concepts for TREK are being designed and one of it is the TREK Eco Go Pack. The TREK Eco Go Pack comes with a cover or back panel, front panel, shoulder strap or middle panel, and buckle straps. This eco-friendly item works out easily. Users will have the pack fits snuggly under their bike seat. The Eco Go Pack can hold many of the user’s personal items including chains, mobile phones, and more. The pack is elegant and sturdy enough for use when shopping, hiking, or simply visiting some friends.

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

TREK Eco Go Pack

Source: TREK Eco Go Pack


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  • This was designed by Ryan Foose a student at the University of Wisconsin- Stout.

    GO STOUT!!

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