The Cardboard Lamp: An Eco Lamp And Packaging in One

Eco friendly packaging is being strongly promoted today by many of the manufactures who are aware enough of the current environment situation and wanted to do something to help it save from possible harm or damage. The Cardboard Lamp by Luis Morales is one of the green packaging that many will different soon, the moment this design would come into fruition. As the name suggest, the Cardboard lamp is obviously made out of cutout cardboard. The best part about the cardboard lamp is that, the cardboard does not only serve as the lamp’s base but as the packaging of the said lamp as well. In this way, packaging are re-purposed and landfill with dramatically minimized.

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Source: Luis Morales


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  • Is this in production or something that can be custom ordered?

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