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Penny Floor: Cheap, Elegant, And Eco-friendly Flooring

Unique flooring adds up to the beauty of our home. Normally, we tend to have our floors covered with ceramic tiles, granite tiles, carpet tiles, wood planks and more. Today, a new and cost-effective floor covering had been discovered and it is called Penny Floor. The finished products creates a great and eye-catching look. However, looking at it, I feel like the penny floor is not suitable for homes as it surely would collect germs faster than our traditional tiles and wood planks. If you have toddlers at home, you definitely would not want your penny floor to cause harm to your little one. However, the penny floor would surely be ideal for business establishments and offices as it surely will create a unique and classy look at a lesser cost.

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

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Alligator Pull Toy for Your Kids

I am so happy to hear with the new passed bill aiming for the safety of little ones. The safe toy bill requires toy manufacturers to eliminate LED contents in toys for kids below 12 years old. With this bill, I will now be confident enough to buy any toys for my toddlers. There will be no more worries about them eating or biting on their toys when playing. I just hope that all of the toy manufacturers will be responsible enough to comply with this bill for the safety of my and our kids. Thanks to this bill, because millions of kids all over are now safe. [Click here for more details about Alligator Pull Toy]

dancing alligator pull toy

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