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Penny Floor: Cheap, Elegant, And Eco-friendly Flooring

Unique flooring adds up to the beauty of our home. Normally, we tend to have our floors covered with ceramic tiles, granite tiles, carpet tiles, wood planks and more. Today, a new and cost-effective floor covering had been discovered and it is called Penny Floor. The finished products creates a great and eye-catching look. However, looking at it, I feel like the penny floor is not suitable for homes as it surely would collect germs faster than our traditional tiles and wood planks. If you have toddlers at home, you definitely would not want your penny floor to cause harm to your little one. However, the penny floor would surely be ideal for business establishments and offices as it surely will create a unique and classy look at a lesser cost.

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Via: 2Modern

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5 thoughts on “Penny Floor: Cheap, Elegant, And Eco-friendly Flooring”

  1. I have worked out that this is actually a very expensive way to covern a floor – if I use UK pennies it will cost about £25 a square metre.

    Also – is it legal?

  2. I like these wood-like, eco-friendly and vintage look for the tiles and flooring. I have a 3 story house and installed imestone paving in Perthacross the terrace. So far, I’m looking for a cheap paving to replace the old one. I like the idea though, cheap but classy.

  3. Wood flooring can be really expensive depends on the type of wood that will be used. Using coins to create nice looking flooring is an amazing idea. I just don’t have enough coins though.

  4. What I love about that penny flooring is that it suits my iron furniture at home. This would be perfect, if only I have that much penny.

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