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Host Your Own Pop-up Movie Theater With The Cardboard Cinema

Enjoy watching your favorite movies with friends and family members at home in an eco-friendly way with the Cardboard Cinema. We all know that cardboard is 100 percent recyclable, thus, making it an eco-friendly source of material. On the other hand, instead of simply piling those cardboard boxes available, you can have them placed or piled up in a stylish or sculptural manner where your guests can experiment a sitting style of their own. In this way, you can have leisure and enjoyment experienced whilst keeping the environment clean and a safe place to live today and in the coming years.

Cardboard Cinema

Cardboard Cinema

Via: The Coolhunter

Cardboard House: Eco-friendly And Untidy

Old cardboard boxes should not be discarded easily, for it will definitely add up to the piles of landfills we have. However, the creation of artist Luise Valdes called the Cardboard House can be eco-friendly but definitely not an ideal place to stay. If you were to look at the pictures, the entire house looks awful if this will be a real place to leave. On the other hand, if you were to build house like this in a third world countries with various street people, this can be of big help especially during sunny days, but nor for rainy season. However, the artist’s idea of reusing old cardboards is perfect enough to show the world that we care.

Cardboard House

Cardboard House

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