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Galaplex Newspaper Holder From Well

Newspaper or magazine stands play an important role in any home or offices worldwide. Here is where we place our reading materials in an orderly manner. Today, the people from well has incorporated nature and style with their one of a kind project called the Glaplex, a newspaper holder that is made from Fraftplex. Kraftples is a material made from 100 percent sustainable cellulose fiber. This emission free newspaper holder is a perfect tool for offices’ waiting room or any living rooms of today’s modern homes as it entertains guests with the interesting reading materials they can offer, whilst keeping the homes elegant interiors intact.

Galaplex Newspaper Holder

Source: Well Shop

Save Space and Money with The Ergo-ergo

Eco-friendly products are now getting stylish every day. Whatever kind of materials they are made, as long as they can function in an eco-friendly way, they can also be considered as eco-friendly. The Ergorgo is like this way, a multi functional chair that can be used as your exercise material as well. With its impact design, you will surely save space, and you get to save money from not buying another instrument for your exercise purposes. You can do seat comfortably and exercise after sitting all in one stylish and inventive furniture. If time comes, wherein you will not enjoy sitting and exercising, the Ergo chair can be recycled.

ErgoErgo Chair

ErgoErgo Chair

ErgoErgo Chair

ErgoErgo Chair

Source: ErgoErgo

ES-Salmon Leather: An Eco-friendly And Exotic Material

When talking about leather, what comes to our mindset first are leather made from cow skin or carabao skin and other animals that are common sources of leather. However, salmon leather is something new at least to many of us who are not yet aware of it. Stiven Kerestegian has created a concept innovation made from ES-Salmon leather. You can have various products out of it and it has the elegant and stylish look like that of made from premium and exotic materials. ES-salmon leather is produced by hand and its natural qualities made it a sustainable alternative to other premium materials we have.

ES-Salmon Leather

Source: Stiven Kerestegian

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