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GreenKitchen: An Eco-friendly Kitchen From Whirlpool

Living green from your living room to your kitchen can now be really simple with the creation of the GreenKitchen by Whirlpool. Presented at the Milan Design Week, the GreenKitchen features an efficient workspace that will allow the users to save on energy, resources, and time resulting from an excellent level of interconnectivity between different appliances. The eco-kitchen’s prototype is composed of a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, oven, and more. It has an induction cooker that has the ability to avoid the dispersion of heat and has the ability to calculate the needed amount of water, which resulted into a saving on energy of up to 20%, and time required to complete this task is 25% lesser.



In addition, water used for cooking ad in the sink are recycled, filtered, and are stored for future reuse by the dishwasher. With this feature, users were able to save on their water consumption for up to 70%. There were also solar panels installed in the GreenKitchen that are incorporated for heating water purposes. Another feature of the GreenKitchen is the consumption monitoring and information for cooking indicators through the handy dandy resources situated on the countertop. One more great feature that this eco-kitchen has is the ability of the users to program different appliances in doing a task automatically.





Source: Whirlpool

Photovoltaic Roof Shingles From Dow Solar

Installing solar panels and making use of solar energies for our homes is one of the greenest acts that we can do to help save the environment. However, majority of us if not all that solar panels are very expensive for an average income household to purchase know it. Good thing, the Photovoltaic Roof Shingles from Dow Solar is now launched and is presumably to be available to everyone. With the look like a regular roofing shingle, these later solar panels from Dow Solar is 40% cheaper as compared to the other solar panels can be installed like a roof tiles. In addition, the new solar power from Dow Solar is 10% more efficient and cost 15% less if measured on a per watt basis.

Solar Panels from Dow Solar

Via: Haute Nature

The Greenest Luxury Hotel

Who have told you that living green means living the simple life? You must have to think twice because the luxury hotel Montage Beverly Hill will let you live the most luxurious life while living green at the same time. The hotel has received a Gold LEED certification from US Green Building Council. This certification would only mean that t Montage Beverly Hill hotel has the right site selection, water efficient, energy efficient, uses materials and resources that has low impact to the environment, with and indoor environmental quality. With the presence of Montage Beverly Hills, living green and luxurious at the same time is not impossible.

Green Luxury Hotel

Source: Montage via Traveling The Green Way

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