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Has-Bin By Amanda Duran

Sample carpets are supposed to be destined to our landfills. However, University of Texas student Amanda Duran created the Has-Bin that extended the life of sample carpets. Has-Bin is a recycling bin that is made using a recycled carpet. To remind the people about the importance of recycling and its impact to the environment, Amanda has used a color that has an association with nature. With the creation of Has-Bin people can now easily put together all their recyclable items using this ultra eco-friendly bin. These items will not only minimize landfills, but also will made people aware about recycling and its effect to the environment and to them.

Has Bin

Source: Ample Sample

Indoor Playground : Functional Indoors and Eye-Poppingly Pleasing In The Right Interior

When we playing and playgrounds, we generally thinks of an outdoor activities with all the sun’s rays and sweat. However, Didi Murphy changes it with their modern concept of playing without going outside but still enjoys it. They have the indoor skate with a very fashionable design and it really looks safe and hip. Another product they have is the Jack Rocker that will not only serve as a bench but can also be an enjoyable seesaw and the same time which is definitely an space save. In addition, the bench’s base can also used in storing some extra fun stuff you have to keep your place in order while having some fun playing.

indoor playground

From the website:

For school kids, Recess is a magical moment – the doors burst open, the playground in site with joyous possibilities, unlimited potential for imaginative games that build valuable social interaction. For adults though, Recess is mostly an idea of long ago now replaced with hectic scheduling, endless responsibilities: family, country, business, another load of laundry a cell phone or email to check. Thus the “See Saw,” the “Swing,” the “Jack Rocker Joggle Board” and the “Inside Skateboards/Longboards” are designed for interaction with the hopes that through this Recess or play activity, the collaboration, (you need two to See Saw!) brings about good ideas and well being between people.

Source : ModernConvenience via If It’s Hip

VW Tiguan Hybrid Car is Available !

Volkswagen introduces its new hybrid car Tiguan and is now currently available in the market. It is the company’s first ever fuel cell hybrid compact SUV concept vehicle. It is powered by a zero emission electric motor. The Tiguan appears powerful with its sleek lines and muscular swells on the fenders and hood. It has swoopy headlights, taillights and grille. Tiguan’s interior has gauges, knobs, buttons and other controls similar to other models. It has a unique and fabulous look of dual-service events, with an optional touch-screen navigation system and a large panoramic sunroof with powered shade screen that stretches over both rows of seats.

vw tiguan

vw tiguan

vw tiguan

vw tiguan

Source : Volkswatch

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