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Terrae Composter: Reduce Waste And Help Save The Environment

Composting is just one of the best ways to help reduce waste and eventually help save the environment, as it will drastically minimize waste and landfills. If you desire to help save the environment by composting, then the Terrae Composter might be your best tool. The Terrae vermicomposter is a composting tool that adopt thevermibricomposting method wherein the earthworms are allowed to eat human’s biodegradable waste and transforms it into compost in an odorless manner. This method is known to reduce house waste of up to 40%. This method is simple and is 100 percent natural, thus will not harm the environment.

Terrae Composter

Terrae Composter

Terrae Composter

Source: Terrae Composter

Daniel Noll’s Winning Concept Design For Trek

People who are now looking for ways to help save the environment by designing eco-friendly items does not limit to designers nowadays but manufacturers as well. Trek, one of the known manufacturers of mountain bikes is conducting an eco design competition and has Daniel Noll as the winner. The winning entry of Daniel Noll includes the sweat cover that has the ability to keep the bike life longer. Made of reclaimed bicycled tubes, Daniel Noll’s TREK eco sweat cover will prevent sweat corrosion on a bike’s top tube, stem, and electronics. Aside from extending the life of the bike, Daniel Noll’s designs also help minimize the growth of landfills.

TREK Eco-sweat Cover

TREK Eco-sweat Cover

TREK Eco-sweat Cover

TREK Eco-sweat Cover

Source: Daniel Noll

Veolia Project Bathroom Focuses on Saving Water

Veolia project bathroom is an urban concept bathroom which designed for someone who loves luxury but with a green inclination. Thomas Nicodeme has designed a waste management in your bathroom in association with Veolia, a multinational French company focuses on water and waste management services. Take a look at this design, there are two cylindrical columns contain a podium that houses a basin, you can step in for a shower in one of them, and the other is for others to answer when nature’s call. I guess that the water used for shower and wash users hand in the basin, once again used to flush the toilet.

veolia project bathroom

veolia project eco friendly bathroom

Designer : Thomas Nicodeme via BornRich

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