Recycled Cup Canopy From Bios Design Collective

During the Outside Land concert in San Francisco, the crowd had tons of waste cups that resulted into a problem, as it will surely make our landfills grow. However, BIOS Design Collective comes up with an eco-friendly solution for the problem and it is the recycled cup canopy. Designer Chris Chalmers is the ones responsible for the layout for the cables. Laminated cards that show the sections of the canopy became the volunteers’ guide for the placement of their multi-colored cups that are placed in an artistic and algorithmic way. After the cups are arranged, a laser-cut plastic clips are then used to clip the cups onto the cables and the canopy is made.

Recycled Cup Canopy

Recycled Cup Canopy

Recycled Cup Canopy

Recycled Cup Canopy

Recycled Cup Canopy

Recycled Cup Canopy

Source: Bios via Inhabitat


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