Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border For An Eco-friendly Garden

Gardening alone is a good way to care the environment, as it will prevent soil erosion and the use of eco-friendly garden tools and materials like the Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border will not only prevent soil erosion but will also help minimize the growth of landfills. The border is made from recycled, post industrial, and post consumer tires. The tires used are 99.99 percent free from wires, therefore, it is safe to be in your garden. Perma Mulch is an American made product sold by Plow and Hearth. The company is proud to say that the mulch will help eliminate trimming, weeding and re-mulching, which will not only help you save the environment but also will help you save time and money.

Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border

Another cost-saving feature of this recycled tire mulch is that it can last for years, thus you don’t need to purchase repeatedly. One more thing, it looks like natural bark mulch that helps enhance the look of your garden and improve your landscape design. Another thing you will surely love about Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border is its ability to locks in moisture and blocks weeds thus keeping your garden clean with a less need for maintenance. The Perma Mulch measures 4 ½ inches in width and 8 feet in length. [Click Here for more information about Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border]


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