Urban Individual Car Concept with Personality

As the time goes by, our spaces are getting smaller and smaller. As this thing happens, people are being more closed and restricted. Because of this, people need to be more transparent and sociable. However, this might be impossible because cars for today’s designs make the people become isolated with their surroundings. A new personal transportation concept is designed by Mihai Stamati with transparency and will promote communication to the community. It’s design might be simple but has the personality that will attract people from using. Design for urban transport, this new car concept is perfect for people who love contemporary designs.

personal transportation concept

personal transportation concept

Spark Lamp, Modern Solar Powered Lighting Concept

Educating the people from sustainable lifestyle and energy consumption are the concept that Beverly Ng wanted to emphasize with here creation of the Spark Lamp. The Spark Lamp is a contemporary lightning product that will surely educate energy consumers on how to save on energy. Spark works like a monitoring device that has the ability to inform the users about their energy consumption on a daily basis through it Wi-Fi module. In addition, it is a solar powered lamp that can be used as your lamp during the night after the lamp has collected solar energy during the day. To collect energy from sunrays, just place the Spark upside down on your window with direct sunlight.

spark solar lamp

spark solar lamp

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Blade Your Ride To Reduce Emissions of Air Pollution Up To 57%

Driving our cars on a daily basis lets us contribute large amount of CO2 to the environment and of course costs as a lot. As gas prices goes higher and higher, people came up with the blade that will lets us save from gas consumption and carbon emission. With a cost of $200, the blade works almost too good to be true. Money back is guaranteed in just a few months of use. This really sounds good, however its not yet guaranteed that the blade will keep to its promise, as we have been into various products that does not work as what they have claimed.

blade reduce emission

Source : BladeYourRide

Eco Electric Gadget Teaches About Water Conservation

Eco-electric is a new product that will teach us about water conservation and will educate us on how to use the resources that are just around us without spending even a single centavo. The eco-electric has a turbine pod that semi filters and generates electricity from a grey water that exits the house. This product is composed of four major parts like the sensors, interface turbine pod and compost unit. The most exciting part of this product is that this is free and works in conjunction with government based carbon emission device. I just hope that this product will soon be available in our place even for a fee.

eco electric

eco electric

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Energy Ball, a Quite Wind Turbine on Your Roof

Wind turbine is a great product to have in our homes. It can generates free energy that eventually turns into an electricity for our daily use. Normally turbines are huge and need big spaces. Well, this is not the case with the Energy Ball, it is just a small yet beautifully designed, and generates more energy than any other personal wind turbine available in the market. In addition, the energy ball is super quite which an advantage especially at night. This cute and effective wind turbine has the ability to generate the energy that we need even with just a very slow wind.

energy ball wind turbine

via io9

Tower of Wind in Tokyo

The Tower of wind in Tokyo is a man made island Japan that takes 30 years in the making. It is a ventilation facility of Japan that is also serves as a midway point between the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line and that connects Kisarazu City and Kawasaki City. People normally see this facility only through a window while boarding on a plane or through Google satellite view. This Tower of wind in Tokyo is also known as the Kaze-no-to. Many are wondering if this facility is a government owned or is a secret den by somebody else. Well, whatever it would be, the only thing I see is that it is a great facility with a good purpose.

tokyo wind tower

Source : Digital World Tokyo via Dvice

Don’t Waste Your Unwanted Skateboard, We Can Make Steps From It

Now skateboards can be used for making steps. Check out this unique way of making steps in your house with the help of skateboards decks. These steps look much better than the normal flat ones. Skateboards are built with a concave across the deck and for these steps, the owner has put only concave skateboard on the edge and at the backs so that your foot does not catch on the front edge. The decks seem to cup your foot once you step on them. This is an innovative concept to use your waste or unwanted skateboards.

stair from skateboard decks

stair from skateboard decks

Source : Roarockit via HomeDosh

Hinterland 1 All Vehicle from Creative Unit

It is nice to know that an all-electric car is now available for use already. This can already be the answer to our high rocketing prices of gas. The Hinterland1 is an all-electric car deigned by Matin Aube of Creative Unit. Aside from being an eco-friendly car, it has a super sleek design that is fashionable and will definitely noticeable on the road. Using the Hinterland 1, you will not only save from gas, but will be fashionable on the road as well. Since this car is a four-person car, you can enjoy the ride with your friends and families too.

hinterland vehicle

hinterland vehicle

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Wooden Hotel Key Cards from Sustainable Cards

Hotels are now also becoming earth friendly and are starting to use sustainable products. Just like the wooden hotel cards that are made by a Colorado based company called the Sustainable cards. The cards are very elegant in appearance and are fashionable as well. Cards are 100 percent sustainable too and they are from renewable sources. They have lower shipping weight, less production impact, and a seven-year history. Join the eco-friendly campaign now and be the one of those Wooden Hotel Cards user. I would be glad if this product will be available in our place, and I am going to be one of the proud users of it.

wooden hotel key card

wooden hotel key card

Source : Sustainable Cards via Got2BeGreen

Ecofan : Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

Items with “Eco” word in their product name is now cannot be counted by hands anymore. Just like the new Ecofan that is introduced and made from Canada. It is a self-powered and off the grid fan that works via Seebeck effect in order to produce its own electrical power for the fan to power on and move warm air throughout the room. It is place directly on top of the wooden stove and uses the difference in temperature to create power through its thermoelectric module. The ecofan’s appearance may not be very attractive but the function it has is perfect for those eco-friendly people we have all around.

eco fan heat powered stove fan


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