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iGreen Kitchen Concept, No More Fridge !

A new kitchen concept that will get you go fridge-less is now being introduce by an Indian designer Nilay Shah in collaboration with the Italian Kitchen brand name Veneta Cucine. The kitchen has baskets and trays that replace your refrigerator. With this type of containers, you will now buy food that is just right for your need. In this way fridge will not be needed anymore, which obviously will let you save energy. Aside from that, the baskets and trays resembles of a vegetable and fruit stall, which is refreshing to the eye, and will make you look like a miniature farmers market.

igreen kitchen

igreen kitchen

Source : Domus Academy via EcoFriend


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3 thoughts on “iGreen Kitchen Concept, No More Fridge !”

  1. The idea seems reasoable but aren’t you always going to need a fridge – if only for some of the dairy products. Years ago of course there was the larder but most people don’t have a cool room in their house now… and once you start cooking in the kitchen… it can often be the hottest place in the house… I’ve for a Corner Fridge from and I use it a lot. I keep most of my food in it.

  2. this is really interesting. it is concerning that people won’t have the option to cool their butter, milk and cheese, but maybe that is the point. having a small fridge for those items only would waste a lot less energy when opened than a large fridge would. i like it.

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