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Wemade Sustainable Design Products, Not Just Good Looking but Also Very Functional

Sustainable designs are now becoming more and more common to almost all designers worldwide. Not just because they want to help the environment, sustainable designs are undoubtedly good-looking and very functional. Just like what the Dutch designers Rixt Reitsma and Lidewij Spitshuis did with their WeMade project. With the purpose of helping earthquake victim in Java Indonesia to have their source of income, the designers together with the local crafters came into a creative line of products including the bases made of pressed bamboo, accentuated with a colorful rajut (a kind of Indonesian crochet), soupper, Cocups, Roster, and Constructors. All of the products are really amazing.

wemade fashion and interior accessories

Cocups (aove) is a series of six palmwood cups with a range of coloring: a gradient from white to blue.

wemade fashion and interior accessories

Constructors (above) is a series of ceramic vases. The little blue detail, made from coconut shell, refers to the colonial history of The Netherlands. Its shape is inspired by the Dutch tiles you still can find in the palace of the Sultan in Yogyakarta.

wemade fashion and interior accessories

Roster (above) is a series of pressed bamboo plates. The carved or batik pattern is inspired by ventilation stones which are seen a lot in Indonesian houses.

wemade fashion and interior accessories

wemade fashion and interior accessories

Source : Rixt Reitsma and Lidewij Spitshuis via StyleFiles


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