Mercedes Benz Formula Zero with Aero Efficient Solar Skin and Electric Motors

Formula Zero is Mercedes Benz’s new racing car for 2025. Combining the elements of land yatching, luge, and the thrill of Formula One. In addition, the Formula Zero is also environmental issue sensitive which is a big plus compared to the traditional racing cars. Why it is sensitive to environmental issues? Simply because it is designed with a view to haul out maximum thrust from the electric motors, aero-efficient solar skin and rigid sail, wherein the design took some inspiration from Formula One and Yatch Racing worlds. If this concept goes well, there will be at least one small part of it comes into reality next year.

mercedes benz formula zero

mercedes benz formula zero

mercedes benz formula zero

mercedes benz formula zero

Source : Mercedes Benz


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  • Dear Designers of the mercedes Formula Zero,

    Firstly : Congratulation !!, I am landyachts builder in France and your project is very very impressive. We where just dreaming about a landyachting race track in that futuristic spirit, but i wa so surprised to see that you have done it. Anyway, we never know.. we may meet each other one day..for a project ?

    (if time take a look at my building landyachts range:
    Best regards, and still: congratulations,


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