Hydro Wind: Charger-Light for Outdoor Lovers

Eco-friendly with complete modern technology is definitely, what the Hydro Wind can offer. Outdoor activities like camping, mountaineering and the like will definitely keep you away from electricity outlets thus will make you refrain from using your electronic gadgets like your mobile phone, MP3 players or even having and elegant light at night might be impossible. Hydro Wind is a charger that can be used using water flow like in a fall or river. Aside from the water, as its name suggest, if water is not available, it can be used using the wind as power. The set is complete with a folding windmill, 12V charger and phone USB connectors. The Hydro Wind also has the ability to produce light during the night.

Hydro Wnd

Hydro Wnd

Hydro Wnd

Source: Core77


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  • is this posibble to power a normal room lamp?

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