Heinz Beanz Chandelier Is An Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution by Willem Heeffer

Upcycling things offers many good effects like saving money and the environment and so Willem Heefer’s eco-friendly creation called Heinz Beanz Chandelier is definitely ideal for people who want to save money and at the same time help save the environment. In this project, 334 cans of Heinz Beanz are upcycled by the designer for the new American diner in Helsinki of top chef Hans Valimaki.

Heinz Beanz Chandelier
Heinz Beanz Chandelier

The number of cans upcycled made the action considered as an industrial scale upcycling. Tin cans are collected from different restaurants, cleaned and transformed into different useful items including forks and knife holders, bar lights, floor to ceiling storage display and three chandeliers.

Heinz Beanz Chandelier
Heinz Beanz Chandelier

Each of the chandeliers is a home of 21 classic Heinz Beanz tin cans. The lamps are in Martina Rosenqvist and Vera Oller and all fits perfectly to the said places with its corrugated roof panels cladding the bar. This is a great project to help minimize the growth of landfill and delay global warming. Presumably, the project is applicable to any tin cans. Willem submits the project to iGreensPot team and we find it valuable for our readers as it matches perfectly to our aim of sharing projects and ideas to help save the environment.

Heinz Beanz Chandelier
Heinz Beanz Chandelier
Heinz Beanz Chandelier

IGreenSpot received this Heinz Beanz Chandelier submission from the page ‘Submit Your Green Product Creation‘ feature, if you want exposure or showcase your green project, we welcome you to submit your green product for publication.

Source: Willem Heeffer


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