Energy Seed, Super Efficient LED Lamp with Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are commonly known of being hazardous. It is not advisable to throw it anywhere and must be kept away from children. With this idea, designer Sungwoo Park and Sunhee Kim have created the Energy Seed. A super efficient LED lamp will light up your dark ways at night. This LED lamp will make the most out of your thrown alkaline battery, which is a good idea of saving energy and keeping the environment safe. However, it is still important to find a permanent disposal area of your hazardous corpse of alkaline battery, though letting the LED lamp drain out your alkaline battery is really a good way of saving energy.

energy seed

energy seed

via HardwareSphere via YankoDesign


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  • Hey, thanks for your mention. This concept is Lifesaving, but still not earth saving. The designer should also design a concept on how to reduce the risk on the hazardous alkaline…

  • hi Ken, thank you for dropping by, agree with your opinion, but I do appreciate the effort of the designer to help our earth …

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