Earthskin Footwear: Saves Your Feet As You Save The Earth

With the aim to help save the environment, we have heard a lot of eco-friendly products every now and then, green architecture, green clothing, green furniture design, green décor, and many more. However, how green they can really be? The Earthskin footwear is another green design by Ben Mazur as part of his ndergraduate degree. Aside from the simple yet fashionable design it has, the Earthskin footwear is a flip-flops made from 100% natural materials. The sole of this product is made from garden grass and will last as long as you want them. The other trick, these flip-flops will never be in our landfills because, the moment you feel like their useful life has ended, you can just simply have it planted outside or in your garden and in just a couple of months, you can also see some seeds inside them started to grow and consume the materials used for the flip-flops.

Earthskin Footwear

Earthskin Footwear

Earthskin Footwear

Earthskin Footwear

Earthskin Footwear

Earthskin Footwear

Source: Ben Mazur


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