DCT 180: The New Generation Plotter

We have heard the word new generation so much and this automatically means modern and probably a contributor to global warming. Well, this is not the case for DCT 180. DCT 180 is hailed to be the new generation plotter but definitely not a contributor to global warming. You might ask why. The reason behind it being a modern plotter but an ecological one is its various environment friendly features like it being ecological, noiseless and ergonomic. In addition to that, the DCT 180 plotter is easy to use. Therefore, it would not require so much of your time learning how to operate this modern and new-aged printing tool.

DCT Plotter
DCT Plotter

DCT Plotter
DCT Plotter
DCT Plotter
DCT Plotter
DCT Plotter

Source: Ricard Vila


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  • Only report an error, the name is DOT 180 Plotter
    Great blog!

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