Cut Carbon Emission When Traveling And Use The Vienna Bike

Reducing carbon emission has been becoming a long time project to save the environment and the use of bicycles like the Vienna Bike is just one of the solutions that are now widely practiced among many. The Vienna Bike is unlike the traditional bike that leaves users destined to pedal every time they travel.

Vienna Bike
Vienna Bike

The Vienna Bike is a lot different because it is indeed a tricycle and is electric-powered. Therefore, when a user does not feel like pedaling, all that he or she has to do is to turn on the power and enjoy a 3 hours of 22 kilometers per h trip if the bike is fully charged. The unique folding system also made this one of a kind bike easy to transport. The look is even exceptional that made it ideal for daily short trips. With the Vienna Bike, one can enjoy the ride of a two-wheel vehicle while benefiting the comfort of a tricycle.

Vienna Bike
Vienna Bike
Vienna Bike
Vienna Bike
Vienna Bike

Source: Pix Studio via Mocoloco


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  • wow! this is epic. I remember the days when I was still learning how to bike. Lol that was great, I had wounds in my feet. This is a nice design for beginners. I also tried Skateboard and longboards, It is cool though but needs practice like bicycle.

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