Create a Sparkling Sparkle Balls out of Plastic Cups

Lighting up your life with sparkling lights needs not to be expensive and dangerous to our mother nature. The Sparkle ball will make you life happier. Creating a sparkle ball is very easy and can be done by kids of all ages. All you have to do is to collect plastic cups, have enough Christmas lights and a zip tie. After collecting those, its now time for you to drill hole at the bottom of each cup and try to connect then one by one, add up the lights and you will already have your wonderful and bright sparkle ball without the need to buy those expensive and hazardous materials used in lighting. I suppose one can use recycle cups in here which is the greenest part of this project.

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

Sparkle Ball

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  • Do you happen to have any of these Sparkle balls for sale??

    • i do…what color or function are you looking for?

      • Steve – I am interested in purchasing one of your sparkle balls. The 5th one pictured above. The clear one with the different colored Christmas lights. What is the cost to purchase. Thanks!

  • I have made a huge sparkle ball out of 16 oz cups. It weighs 25lbs and I have not idea how to hang this ball that's this heavy. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • hi can i use normal plastic cups for this project?

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