A2B Bike By Ultra Motor

Traffic, carbon emission, and limited parking will never be a problem anymore with the A2B Electric Bike by Ultra Motor. The A2B bike has a 500 watts electric motor that will allow its users to run at a speed of 20 miles per hour and up to a distance of 20 miles. It also has a front and rear suspension for a more comfortable biking experience even on a rough road. Its front and rear brakes will help you halt on time and one can choose between the all pedal, all motor, or a combination of both whatever the user may feel comfortable.

A2b Electric Bicycle

A2b Electric Bicycle

A2b Electric Bicycle

A2b Electric Bicycle

A2b Electric Bicycle

Source: Swipelife


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  • Great bike can not say enough good about it.

  • Is it available in India ? If yes . How can I buy It /

  • Price In India in Rupees?

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