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White Light Fixture By Winnie Lui

Designed for Innermost, jewelry designer Winnie Lui created the White Light Fixture that is made of waste. With this design, wastes that are supposed to be destined to our landfills have given new life and have been used in the designers light fixture by applying things of the same color. Aside from the lighting fixture, the designer also came up with a stylish necklace. The lighting fixture can be a perfect lamp anywhere in your home and the stylish necklace will surely make a perfect accessory for a casual occasion or gathering while keeping the environment safe, as it will surely minimize our landfills.

White Light Fixture

White Light Fixture

White Light Fixture

Source: Winnie Lui via Designboom


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  1. love that girl , she is great , she make really good design … love the white light …. françois robidas designer

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