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VINE Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Keeps Your Wine At Ideal Temperature Up To 36 Hours

Carry your wine with you in a safe VINE Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle. This wine bottle or wine growler can hold up to 750ml, a perfect traveling companion for a beach party or dinner party. You can safe yourself from carrying breakable glass bottle, no more pouring wine from a cardboard box. Each bottle carries EcoVessel’s signature TriMax Triple insulation technology, it will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for hours, allowing you to enjoy your first sip to the last in great satisfaction. Enjoy your drink the way it was inteded, the technology maintains ideal temperature up to 36 hours.

It’s a nice gift for anyone and yourself, thanks to premium 18/8 stainless steel, BPA, and liner free, this bottle maintains true taste of your wine. It’s been designed with secure and leakproof top. The sophisticated packaging also comes with brush and funnel, nice isn’t it? [Click Here to get more details about this recyclable Vine Wine Bottle]

VINE Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle by EcoVessel

VINE Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Bottle by EcoVessel

From : EcoVessel


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