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URB21: Pedal Powered Vehicle

Pedal powered vehicle hold on the title of being one of the most eco-friendly vehicles because it produces zero carbon emission, which is obviously safe to the environment. Designer Eliseu Santos joined with other designers in the world in creating eco-friendly vehicles to save the environment and has designed the URB21 or the Human Energy Moving Urban Vehicle, a pedal powered vehicle that has the ability to run a top speed of 45 Miles per Hour. URB21 is a 2m vehicle has all the control placed in both sides of the driver’s seat for easy and comfortable driving, and of course in an eco-friendly way.

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

URB21 Pedal Powered Vehicle

Ssource: Ecofriend


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3 thoughts on “URB21: Pedal Powered Vehicle”

  1. or: How to make a cyclist 3 times as wide, need a 5 times bigger parking space, and be 10 times as heavy as an ordinary cyclist :-s hope it has some electric assistance, coz 45 mph just on human power for this juggernaut (in bicycle terms)? We're not all Cancellara you know :-p
    Fail! pretty color though 😉

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