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Toyota’s Lightweight 1/X Concept Car

Toyota latest innovation of hybrid car is trying to reduce the weight of the car. Toyota 1/X concept car is looking for more ways to reduce every inch from a gallon of gas possible. This 1/X concept design is based on hybrid Prius, Toyota hope to be able to double impressive mileage ranking compare to Prius. Interesting design can be seen from the roof, it’s transparent, heat and noise insulating, and made from a bio-plastic derived from kenaf and ramie plants. This car features thinner wheel compare to normal cars due to its extreme light weight. If we take a look at the overall design, with the lightness of the car, this means it can travel with 4 gallon tank of fuel for over 600 miles.

toyota 1/x concept

toyota lightweight 1/x concept

toyota 1/x green car concept

toyota 1/x hybrid car concept

Designer : Toyota via YankoDesign


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