The Volkswagen Bik.e: A Small And Eco-friendly Bike

Know car maker Volkswagen is dedicated in its aim to help save the environment and it was evident enough with their newly unveiled product called the Volkswagen Bik.e. Small and battery powered, the Volkswagen bik.e does have what it takes to reduce carbon emission. In addition, the buk.e is small enough to be placed on your car’s compartment and carry it wherever you may more. being a battery powered wheels, the bik.e does not have any pedals and has the ability to travel the distance of 20km with a speed of 20 km/h. Works fast like your car, while cleaning the environment like your bicycles, the Volkswagen bik.e will surely be the transportation means in the near future.

Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen Bik.e

Volkswagen Bik.e

Source: Volkswagen via Designboom


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1 thought on “The Volkswagen Bik.e: A Small And Eco-friendly Bike”

  1. I rather use pedals than elektricity for my bike, and elektricity instead of Diesel for my car. Try harder, Volkswagen!

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