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The Umbrella’s Skeleton

The umbrella is the most common rain gear. Men and women alike, children and adults, use the ever-popular umbrella too. It can also be used in both rainy and sunny days, to protect you from direct heat of the sunlight or from the pouring rain. Discover the Eco-brolly by designer Shiu Yuk Yuen. It’s a pocket-sized skeleton of an umbrella wherein canopy can be a used newspaper, plastic, or card. Intended for short distance walks but can also be used longer by clipping the clips at each end of the umbrella into the chosen canopy to stabilize it. Just unscrew the top lid of the skeleton, poke the lid into the middle of the canopy, quick screw to secure it and open it out to have your umbrella. The question is, can a discarded newspaper help me stays dry on the rainy day ?

unbrella eco friendly umbrella

unbrella eco friendly umbrella

unbrella eco friendly umbrella

via YankoDesign


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