The House Arc By Joseph Bellomo

Building a home is now becoming affordable, easy and sustainable. The House Arc by Joseph Bellomo is just one of the great examples of today’s prototype. The designer’s successful Bike Arc inspires this wonderful modular house, and is designed for off-grid living.

This modular home is made from tubular steel armature and is seated above the ground via concrete piers or on a wood deck. The modules will then be sheathed with a translucent polycarbonate plastic and coated with a photovoltaic film, which resulting this modular house to be an eco-friendly one.

The photovoltaic film will now be responsible to power the house lighting and its appliances. The eco-friendly feature of this modular house includes its design of being lightweight for an easy and cheaper transportation.

In addition, the modules are also designed for easy additions and extension whenever needed, and the design made the House Arc a perfect shelter for emergency purposes and those low-income families.

Aside from those mentioned green features above, the House Arc also has the unique design which is new to the eyes and the interiors requires some design ingenuity to make it even more attractive and intriguing to the potential users just like how the prototype looks like.

House Arc

House Arc

House Arc

House Arc

Source: Bike Arc via Inhabitat


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