The Grow Bike: Providing Your Child The Vehicle They Want Without Buying A New One

Kids aged 1 to 4 needs many different vehicles because they get bored easily as they grow. The Springtime NL design team had created the Grow Bike. It is a bike that can easily transformed into four different vehicles suited for your kid’s age. The grow bike can be first used as a ride on, then a tricycle, to a training bike, and finally a bicycle. In this way, parents don’t need to buy different product for a different purpose. In addition, the grow bike is made of wood making it an eco-friendly product. You can add some stickers or accessories to it making it fresh for the whole four years of usage.

Grow Bike

Source: Sparks Awards


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  • Where can I buy a grow bike for my grandchild?

  • Yes…!!!! Where do they sell them?? This is beyond perfect.

  • i want one too!
    where can i get this?

  • I have spent an hour trying to find one of these on the web, does anyone know where you get one from?

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