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The Green Radio Log

We all know that people using radio transistors are diminishing. However, there are still a lot who values radio transistors especially those who are away from their high-tech gadgets most of the time. We all know further that when using a radio transistor, we need a battery or an electricity to keep it working. Not this time because Solene Le Goff and Christophe Gouache have come up with a wonderful and eco-friendly radio design. Called as the Green Radio Log, this one of a kind radio uses 80% wood and 20% other components to keep the radio working. A solar panel attached at the top of the radio, which generates energy to power the eco-radio. If you want to turn the radio on, simply twist the top left button. Aside from being the power button, the radio volume control can also be seen in this button. Changing frequencies can be done at the top right button of the radio while the radio function is attainable by simply fitting in your finger at the button at the bottom left. The project has an aim of discriminating the use of plastic that is why the designers focused on the used of raw materials.

Radio Log

Radio Log

Radio Log

Via: Designboom


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