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The 60-watt Replacement: LSG’s Award Winning LED Bulb

We all know that incandescent lamps are now gradually pulled out in every store shelves and stands with the aim to eliminate environmentally harmful lighting solution. Because of the pullout, eco-friendly light bulbs particularly the LED ones are being installed. The 60-watt replacement LED Bulb by LSG or Lighting Science Group has features that show big respect to the environment making it an award-winning one. The bulb meets and definitely exceeds the L Prize’s competition standards, which include a better than 90 watts per lumen performance. The bulb must also produce more than 900 lumens, uses less than 10- watts of electricity, last more than 25,000 hours, has more than 90 color rendering index, and has a color between 2700-3000 K. Included in the criteria is a consumer price of $22 for the first year, $15 for the second year, and $8 for the third year. With this product at home, every household will surely save a lot on their electricity usage.



Source: LSG via Jetson Green


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