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Tango: Your Handcrafted Iron Made Sustainable Lamp

I am happy to know that there are some people willing to produce handcrafted iron. This will be a huge reduction to carbon emission if everybody is doing the same. Being handcrafted does not mean lesser quality because of the absence of a machine’s uniform production capabilities. Take a closer look at the Tango lamps and you will surely be amazed of how handcrafted items can be so adorable and able to produce high quality products like the Tango sustainable lamp. Other than the handcrafted iron, the Tango lamp also uses LED lighting system, which is an added eco-friendly feature of this elegant and sustainable pendant lamp.

Tango Pendant Lamp

Tango Pendant Lamp

Tango Pendant Lamp

Tango Pendant Lamp

Tango Pendant Lamp

Source: Corbett Lighting

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2 thoughts on “Tango: Your Handcrafted Iron Made Sustainable Lamp”

  1. As an artist, I have alwways appreciated distinctive original work. This looks as if I could make it work into any design I may come up wity. I'll be keeping an eye on your site. How are you on collaborations?

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