Silver Spoon: A Naturally Safe Utensil For Babies

Fact: Silver is naturally anti-microbial. This fact is something new to me and surely to some of you too. I never know, not until now that Silver is anti-microbial by nature. This only means that the use of silver apart from jewelries will be safe and that could probably the reason why Roman Coppola along …

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Infant’s Sustainable Shoes from Infant’s Weebit

Living green is now everybody’s desire and aim. However, our little angels are not aware of it yet, but we as parents can make them as one of us by giving them sustainable products. With the Infant’s Weebit’s Infant’s Sustainable Shoes, I am sure many parents out there would love to have one for their …

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Toys and Games

Alligator Pull Toy for Your Kids

I am so happy to hear with the new passed bill aiming for the safety of little ones. The safe toy bill requires toy manufacturers to eliminate LED contents in toys for kids below 12 years old. With this bill, I will now be confident enough to buy any toys for my toddlers. There will …

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Food and Drink

Babies’ Fork and Spoon in One by Bambu

Buying something for our little ones is probably the most rewarding part of our lives as parents, especially if we provide them with something made of earth friendly material. This is what Bambu would like to introduce, as he creates a spoon and fork for babies made of organically grown bamboo. It is disposable and …

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