Bio Bag: Fashionably Eco-friendly

Show you care and show your style when shopping with the Bio Bag. Plastic bags have been gaining attention for so long and it causes harm to the environment already. Show you care by refraining from the use of plastic bags when shopping. The Bio bag is a bag that will remind you of how …

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Fashion Outdoors

Bamboo Brelli : Biodegradeable Umbrella

People of today are well educated already on being an eco friendly member of the community. Various earth friendly inventions are now out to save our mother earth. Just like this eco-friendly umbrella called the Bamboo Brelli. Its elegant looking frame was made of umbrella and the fashionable clear canopy is a unique bioplastic, which …

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Bike Cars and Transportation

Green Bike : Bamboo Bike !

Remove your car, use bike to go to work. Even better if your bike is made of bamboo, eco friendly materials, just make sure the manufacturer has FSC Certification to avoid deforestation and biodiversity loss. Pretty cool bike, appropriate for everyday use and even for racing, but well this is what the manufacturer claimed. This …

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