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Ronn Scorpion Hydrogen Sports Car Concept

The Scorpion sports car is a high-end hydrogen-gasoline car from RMC or Ronn Motor Company from Texas. The car runs in a 30-40 percent blend of hydrogen and gasoline. The Scorpion has an internal combustion engine that runs in both hydrogen and gasoline, and has 40 highway miles per gallon. Its difference from the other hydrogen car is that, the Scorpion does not require high-pressure hydrogen tank. The car’s alternator is injected into the motor that sends an electric charge through the water in a storage tank and releases hydrogen that means it produces hydrogen while driving. This feature of The Scorpion sports car makes it different from the usual gasoline-hydrogen car in the market.

ronn scorpion hydrogen sportscar concept

ronn scorpion hydrogen sportscar concept

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