Design and Concept

Andala: A 24 MT Aluminum Ketch

Sailing is great for relaxation. In addition, you also get the chance to get in touch with nature. However, we all know that sailing contributes too much carbon emission that is not favorable to the environment. The Andala or Path in the Sardinian language is a ketch or small sailing ship concept designed with care …

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Organize Your Home With The Bamboo Storage Chest

When it comes to organizing my small items, I always prefer using plastic as my storage chest. With all the dust coming in to my house, I would rather keep my items sealed than dusting them every now and then. However, keeping the environment safe is your aim and you are living in areas with …

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Huaxi Center by 11 International Firms

With the aim of using modern technologies and natural sources, MAD has invited eleven various international firm of architects to join them in designing structures that will for the Huaxi Center in the Southern part of China, which is known for its beautiful landscape. The goal in creating the Huaxi center is not mainly for …

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