Sustainable 2-in-1 Sun Glasses by y-town

Eco-fashion has now starting the get the attention of many of the environment conscious fashionitas. Y-town is not one of those who have started to make eco-fashion a reality with their trendy dual color sunglasses. They have submitted their eco-product to IgreenSpot and surely this will get the attention of our readers.

From Y-town:
As the first 180-degree rotatable sunglasses in the world, the 2-in-1 Sunglasses is a revolution of traditional sunglasses concept. Instead of buying or carrying two pairs of glasses, now you can have them in one frame and in one pocket.

It functions as two pairs for different occasions, thus efficiently reducing the waste in production and consumption. The original 2 lenses contain one reflective brown lens which provides clear eyesight for car driving, and one silver lens for outdoor activity via absorbing visible light. Lenses can be easily exchanged at home according to user demand.

One revolutionary feature is the 180-degree rotatable frame design. The Y-shaped support is flexible to flip up-side down so that the glasses can be worn in two degree.
The frame is made of high elasticity carbon composite. Light-weighted and flexible for different faces

Dual Color Sunglasses

Dual Color Sunglasses

Design Features of y-town Dual Color Sun Glasses
• 180-degree rotatable frame made of high elasticity carbon composite. Light-weighted and flexible for different faces.
• 180-degree rotatable Y-shape support for two wearing angles.
• 2-in1 structure efficiently reduces the waste in production and consumption. A revolution of eyewear industry.
• Dual color glasses flexible for driving and outdoor occasions.
• 2 lenses are convenient to exchange at home according to user demands.
• Patent design.

Available in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou

About y-town
y-town was founded in 2007, Shanghai.
Launching product collections such as the y-town Recycled Project, Jiu Jie and Dual Color Sun Glasses, the designer brand has been defining its experimental and avant-garde identity via attention to everyday life, material aesthetics and social responsibility. The brand philosophy—rethink, redesign and reuse, is injected into every item from gift, stationary, accessory to furniture.
The team, lead by design director Jamy Yang, are winner of more than 20 design prizes. The products have been presenting in exhibitions worldwide and are part of the Red Dot Design Museum collection.

Xiaojing Huang
(Brand Director)
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0086-21- 6280 2294 ext 603 Kulu
Tel: 0086-21- 6280 2294 ext 0
Mobile: 139 1857 1144
E-mail:[email protected]
Building.11-1, BUND 1919, No.258 West Song Xing Road, Shanghai(200940)

Dual Color Sunglasses

Source: Y-town


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