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Succo Juicer: An Eco-Friendly Juicer By Dan Matarazzo

Having a dose of juice daily is good for our body as it washes away toxins. Why not pair this healthy act with an eco friendly juicer by Dan Matarazzo called the Succo Juicer. It is made from 100% eco-friendly materials. It also has an enclosed canvass that can be recycled as a substitute of your plastic bags every time you go shopping. The green feature of the Succo Juicer does not end here because its packaging is made from 60% post-consumer fibers. When using your Succo Juicer, it does not really matter if it will be made of ceramic or glass, there is only one thing for sure you can keep in mind “it is eco-friendly”.

Succo Juicer

Succo Juicer

Succo Juicer

Succo Juicer

Source: Dan Matarazzo

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