Store Your Rainwater Through The Rainwater Hog

Saving water is good way of saving the environment, and one of the ways in saving water to keep our used water from washing our dishes or doing the laundry kept and used in watering the plants. Aside from the abovementioned saving water methods, catching and storing your rainwater is another effective way of saving water. One can successfully save the rainwater from their roof by using the water hog tanks and reuse stored water to water your plants. You can even use the rainwater in cleaning your house, flushing your toilets, washing the laundry or taking a bath. Food grade hogs are also available for use of storing your rainwater for emergency potable water. It is safe to drink the rainwater as long as your roof is free from toxic materials.

Rainwater Hog

Rainwater Hog

Source: Rainwater Hog


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