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Solar Trees by Envision

Self-sustainability is now completely invading our daily style of living. Various products are coming out for the said purpose. Just like this solar tress design for Kyocera Solar, which a project of the University of California in San Diego. The solar trees collect energy and provide the university with the energy that they need. In addition, they have plans to provide an electric vehicle charging which a big advantage to everybody especially to those who have electric powered vehicle. The solar trees also have the ability to give some shade for vehicle parking and some visual relief from the boring appearance of most of the rooftop garages.

envision solar trees

The design of the Solar Tree and Solar Grove, from Envision CEO Robert Noble, is based on natural trees, with trunks and branches supporting a shade canopy. According to Noble, the idea is to add beauty and form to the functionality of solar power Solar energy generation. Each Solar Tree at UCSD will generate more than 17,000 hours of clean energy per year, which is enough to power more than four single-family homes and avoid 13.2 metric tons of carbon emissions Green-Business-Travel.

envision solar trees

Source : Envision via Gizmag


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