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Solar Powered City Concept

In the future, perhaps we’ll see this solar powered environment as the result of today’s energy saving campaign. MoSESS (Movement sensors energy saving system) is the technology that can detect movement to provide illumination from big solar panel throughout all night. All objects that are part of this concept are connected to each other by an underground connection and also to electric grid which enables sharing of leftover energy in cases when this is needed.

Public facility such as telephones, ATM, internet services, bus stop will consume less energy with the help of solar cells, I can imagine that we live in such a futuristic way and at the same time help to our environment.

futuristic street with solar panel concept

solar cells street concept

Solar street stand booths are popular way of shopping. They can sell and show different kinds of things ranging from food, clothes, souvenirs to information pamphlets and ads. These street stands consume electric energy for illumination, refrigerators, cooking…etc. Solar panel stores electric energy in batteries that are placed in the storage box. Solar street counters are independent from electric company network. They can be easily moved and placed into different locations by trucks (and small transportation wheels underneath the construction of the counter itself). The possibility is endless if we truly want to save our earth, including this futuristic concept from Nikola, anything is possible.

solar street concept

solar street future city concept

solar powered street concept

Designer : Nikola Knezevic


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5 thoughts on “Solar Powered City Concept”

  1. This is a concept that needs to be taken up with government officials (congress) and if this idea were patented and made into a contract deal with the government then whoever has the patent would be making a hell of a lot of money.

  2. This looks like a great concept but considering the current state of our country I don’t think it will materialize anytime soon. I’m all for saving energy and would love this to be implanted but I just don’t think its going to happen

  3. Works great if you ignore the physics and expense. That being said, solar is an excellent application for any isolated items that require intermittent amounts of small power. Therefore this concept may be enough to just barely break if placed on a phone booth, but otherwise I can’t see it having any practical place in an urban environment (besides lining the wallets of businessmen, politicians, and other “environmentalists”).

    If I were to have my own city, it’d be run by one or two nuclear power plants. Period.

  4. The concept is noble, but don’t expect San Fransisco to be soler powered by this design. Solar is inhibited by pre existing constraints such as electric infrastructure and cost/benefit analysis. While distributed power generation sounds cool, these limitations severely affect the actual decision process: it is cheaper for the city to pay for cleaner power PLANTS and use common sense power conservation polices than to support this plan.
    Thats no to say that this is a bad thing: my school now uses solar panels on the parking lot lamps to save energy costs. But the infrastructure was already there, and the panels were donated to the school.
    Not to mention no one uses pay phones anymore, news stands are falling out of favor in most cities and ATMs have moved inside. And why does every green concept have to revolve around large cites? shouldn’t these designers work on making smaller towns green?

  5. Hi Nikola Knezevic,

    I would like to know if these pictures can be used for a technical report on Solar Cities, for a paragraph stating futuristic sustainable enevironment.


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